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Patti Digh

Patti Digh is the Founder of The School of Inclusion + Activism, a published author of eight books on global diversity and mindfulness, and former VP of International and Diversity Programs for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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About this Course

Each year we begin on August 16 and end on December 31, just in time for the new year. A mindful, challenging, thoughtful set of prompts each day in a community of folks also looking for meaning, joy, commitment, and intention. Join us. Every day, a surprise to make your day more mindful, spontaneous, and memorable. You'll also be invited to a private Facebook group dedicated to this journey. 

I price this at $37 each year to allow most people to be able to afford to participate. This year, you can choose to pay $37, or if you are able, $137 to help pay for the actual costs associated with the project. Click here to pay $137