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Patti Digh

Patti Digh is the Founder of The School of Inclusion + Activism, a published author of eight books on global diversity and mindfulness, and former VP of International and Diversity Programs for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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About this course

First 37: A new online course by Patti Digh

Starts January 1, 2019, and runs for 37 days.

The first 37 days of the New Year.

Get inspired, be held accountable, find support.

You don’t need resolutions for the New Year; you need revolutions. And some long, hot baths with bath bombs that smell like lavender. 

Join this amazing group of people who want to live more meaningful lives, one day at a time, who want to start the New Year with intention. “First 37” will let you explore what you want to create in 2019, and set you on the path to creating it. You’ll get a daily prompt, the opportunity for dialogue in a community of people on the same journey, and ongoing support from Patti Digh.

It will be part magic, part boot camp drill instructor, and part wholehearted you.

Join us!


"The First 37 Days course has informed my decision making by clarifying not only my values but the questions I must ask myself before saying say to anything. The exercises, questions asked and feedback from other community members are priceless. I can’t think of a more perfect gift for yourself or another person." Marci M.

"I love the consistency and accountability of Patti’s 37 day class. It has inspired me to live authentically while defining my core values in a group setting with a sense of connection to others. I am deeply grateful." - Teri G.

"I want to do yoga, but i don’t really love it. I want to meditate regularly, but I don’t really love it. I want to grow in self awareness and introspection, but until now, didn’t really have a go to method. With Patti Digh’s First 37 process, I haven’t gotten the stretching and strength of yoga, but I have gotten a quietness, a stillness as I look inward and think through her prompts. Instead of the whirring brain that I’m hyper aware of during meditation, in the First 37 I am doing directed thinking, reflecting and writing. So instead of yoga, I’ll stick with Zumba. Instead of meditating, I’ll stick with long, quiet walks. Instead of my status quo, I’m choosing active intellectual and introspective growth with Patti’s 37." - e.beck

"Patti’s First 37 Days course has helped me be mindful of my days. In counting each day with the reminders to look for the things we most want to see in the world, it helps the meaning of our days rise to the top of our awareness. The prompts not only stay with me on the days that they are assigned, but they become a part of the things I most look for in my every-day-ness, becoming a cumulative reminder of how I want to live my days." - Tamara B.

"I love beginning my days with Patti's prompts.  The preciousness of this one life, the beauty that is here, the love that is available.. all nurture my goals of life with an open heart.  Thanks for this supportive, loving space." - Liz S.

"I consider myself a connoisseur of professional growth classes, having attended over 30 in my lifetime, so with that context in mind let me say this: I have never taken a better one. This isn’t a “teaser” seminar, requiring the purchase of additional programs to get the whole story. You won’t be asked to embrace alternative world views, or enlist others to attend the course as a marketing ploy. Instead, you will be challenged to answer questions hidden from your consciousness, which, if answered, will elicit profound insights into yourself, a renewed desire to engage with others, and a deeper reverence for life itself.   First 37 Days lives up to its promises in a manner that honors your own particular learning style and pace.  I highly recommend it." -Vaughan L.